Changes in liver stiffness and its associated factors during oral antiviral therapy in Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis B

2017 Experimental and therapeutic medicine 13;3 (1169-1175)

The present study aimed to assess improvements in liver stiffness determined by transient elastography and associated factors in Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) during long-term treatment with oral antiviral drugs. A total of 334 consecutive Chinese patients with CHB who underwent oral antiviral therapy and received at least two liver stiffness measurements (LSMs) at the First Hospital of Jilin University (Changchun, China) from December 2012 to February 2015 were enrolled in the present study. The cohort included 201 patients without liver cirrhosis (group 0) and 133 patients with liver cirrhosis (group 1). Each patient was subjected to LSM twice with an interval of 6 months. The mean initial liver stiffness values were 14.01+/-9.37 and 21.59+/-10.25 kPa for patients in group 0 and group 1, respectively (P