Appropriate use of virtual touch quantification and FibroScan(R) M and XL probes according to the skin capsular distance

2016 Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology 51;5 (496-505)

BACKGROUND: Appropriate utilization of different diagnostic modalities is essential for the accurate liver stiffness measurements (LSM) in patients with chronic liver diseases. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of Virtual Touch Quantification(R) (VTQ) and the FibroScan(R) M and XL probes in term of accurate LSM and to identify factors associated with inadequate measurements in obese and non-obese Japanese patients. METHODS: A total of 664 consecutive patients with chronic liver disease were prospectively enrolled. LSM were evaluated concurrently with VTQ and the FibroScan M and XL probes. LSM quality was categorized as inadequate (success rate /=30 %) or adequate. RESULTS: No significant differences in the rate of inadequate LSM were observed among the three diagnostic modalities. In multivariate analysis, skin capsule distance (SCD) was strongly associated with inadequate rates obtained with VTQ and the M probe [odds ratio (OR) 1.28, P /=22.5 mm (VTQ 54.0 %; M probe 51.1 %; XL probe 25.2 %; P

Pubmed : 26463734