Applicability and accuracy improvement of transient elastography using the M and XL probes by experienced operators

2015 Journal of viral hepatitis 22;3 (297-306)

Transient elastography (TE) is the reference method to obtain liver stiffness measurements (LSM), but no results are obtained in 3.1% and unreliable in 15.8%. We assessed the applicability and diagnostic accuracy of TE re-evaluation using M and XL probes. From March 2011 to April 2012 868 LSM were performed with the M probe by trained operators (50-500 studies) (LSM1). Measurements were categorized as inadequate (no values or ratio 30%) or adequate. Inadequate LSM1 were re-evaluated by experienced operators (>500 explorations) (LSM2) and inadequate LSM2 using XL probe (LSMXL). Inadequate LSM1 were obtained in 187 (21.5%) patients, IQR/LSM >30% in 97 (51%), ratio

Pubmed : 25164560