An evaluation of transient elastography in the discrimination of HBeAg-negative disease from inactive hepatitis B carriers

2009 Journal of viral hepatitis 16;11 (769-774)

Liver biopsy is frequently required in HBeAg-negative disease to determine the stage of fibrosis. It can be difficult to distinguish cohorts with undetectable HBeAg who may have varying degrees of fibrosis due to different stages of disease. We have assessed the utility of transient elastography (TE) to evaluate differences in HBeAg-negative patients. A total of 220 HBsAg-positive individuals were studied: 125 (group 1) had an inactive HBsAg carrier state and 95 (group 2) were HBeAg-negative, anti-HBe-positive patients with persistently or intermittent elevation of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and/or HBV DNA >10(5) copies/mL. Mean stiffness was 4.83 +/- 1.2 kPa in group 1 vs 8.53 +/- 6 kPa in group 2 (P

Pubmed : 19709363