Acoustic radiation force impulse elastography as compared to transient elastography and liver biopsy in patients with chronic hepatopathies

2011 Ultraschall in der Medizin 32 Suppl 1;(S46-52)

PURPOSE: To compare two methods of noninvasive assessment: transient elastography (TE) and acoustic radiation force impulse elastography (ARFI). PATIENTS AND METHODS: Our study included 114 subjects: 38 healthy volunteers, (considered to have no fibrosis - F 0) and 76 patients with chronic liver disease: 53 who had undergone liver biopsy (LB) (7 with F 1, 24 with F 2, 22 with F 3 Metavir) and 23 previously diagnosed with cirrhosis (F4 Metavir). In each patient we performed a liver stiffness measurement by means of TE and ARFI. ARFI (shear wave velocity quantification) was performed at 3 points: at 0 - 1 cm, at 1 - 2 cm and at 2 - 3 cm under the capsule. For each depth, 5 valid measurements were made, and a median value was calculated, measured in m/sec. RESULTS: A direct, strong, linear correlation (Spearman rho = 0.848) was found between TE and the stage of fibrosis (p /= 2) was TE, with the area under receiver-operating characteristic curve (AUROC) 0.908, significantly larger than the AUROCs for ARFI. If only ARFI is considered, measurements made 1 - 2 and 2 - 3 cm below the capsule have the best predictive value, with AUROCs not significantly different from each other (0.767 and 0.731, respectively). For predicting fibrosis (F > 0), TE had the best predictive value: optimized cut-off 5.65 kPa (AUROC -0.898). For ARFI, the cut-offs were: 1.4 m/sec, AUROC -0.747 (1 - 2 cm), and 1.26 m/sec AUROC -0.721 (2 - 3 cm). For predicting cirrhosis (F = 4 Metavir), the optimized cut-offs were: TE -12.9 kPa (AUROC -0.994); ARFI - 1.78 m/sec for measurements made 2 - 3 cm below the capsule, AUROC - 0.951. CONCLUSION: At present, liver elasticity evaluation by means of ARFI is not superior to TE for the assessment of liver fibrosis. For ARFI, the most reliable results are obtained if measurements are made 1 - 2 and 2 - 3 cm below the liver capsule. ARFI is an accurate test for the diagnosis of cirrhosis.

Pubmed : 20603783