Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse and Supersonic Shear Imaging Versus Transient Elastography for Liver Fibrosis Assessment

2013 Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 39;11 (1933-1941)

Our study compared three elastographic methods-transient elastography (TE), acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) imaging and supersonic shear imaging (SSI)-with respect to the feasibility of their use in liver fibrosis evaluation. We also compared the performance of ARFI imaging and SSI, with TE as the reference method. The study included 332 patients, with or without hepatopathies, in which liver stiffness was evaluated using TE, ARFI and SSI. Reliable measurements were defined as a median value of 10 (TE, ARFI imaging) or 5 (SSI) liver stiffness measurements with a success rate >/=60% and an interquartile range interval

Pubmed : 23932281