A Prospective Comparison of Noninvasive Methods in the Assessment of Liver Fibrosis and Esophageal Varices in Pediatric Chronic Liver Diseases

2016 Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology In press;

GOALS AND BACKGROUND: We compared liver stiffness (LS), the aspartate aminotransferase-to-platelet ratio index (APRi), and the platelet-to-spleen size z score ratio (P/SZC) in the prediction of liver fibrosis and esophageal varices in children. STUDY: LS, APRi, SZC, and P/SZC were prospectively determined in 99 unselected consecutive children, who underwent liver biopsy for the follow-up of chronic liver disorders. LS was assessed by transient elastography. The spleen size was evaluated as the SD from age-specific and gender-specific normative values. Varices were assessed endoscopically (n=64). Biopsies were staged according to Metavir. RESULTS: The median patient age was 6.0 (interquartile range, 1.8 to 12.9) years. Underlying diagnoses included intestinal failure (n=31), biliary atresia (n=24), and others (n=44). LS showed the strongest correlation with the fibrosis stage (r=0.639, P/=1), and 0.831 (95% CI, 0.745-0.918; P/=2) fibrosis. For the prediction of the presence of esophageal varices, APRi had a higher AUROC of 0.832 (95% CI, 0.730-0.934; P

Pubmed : 27105175