A Newly Developed Shear Wave Elastography Modality: With a Unique Reliability Index

2015 Oncology 89 Suppl 2;(53-59)

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to prospectively assess the usefulness of the reliability index, namely the percentage of the net amount of effective shear wave velocity (VsN). METHODS: One hundred and sixty-eight patients with chronic liver disease, who underwent ultrasound elastography, were consecutively enrolled. Shear wave measurement (SWM), FibroScan, virtual touch quantification, and shear wave elastography were performed for all patients, and the variations in the measurement results were compared with VsN. The absolute average value of the difference between SWM_Vs and Vs measured using other elastography devices is termed |x0394;Vs|. VsN was classified into three groups: >/=50, 2 cm, VsN tended to be significantly lower (p

Pubmed : 26580548